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HELLO FROM THE JUKEBOX DJ'S. To be a DJ in Jukebox is very difficult because we have such a large variety of people coming to Agia Galini. Our plan is to make everybody happy with our music, so we have to play music to suit all tastes. At the start of the evening 10pm we play easy listening popular music and after 12 we play dance music until the morning. At the beginning of the season-April, May, and at the end of the season -Sept.,Oct. we play mostly 80's and and older music and of course new popular chart songs.We also organise lots of parties e.g 80's, reggae nights and rock nights. In the middle of the season when we have alot of younger customers we play new music- R&B,house,trance and rave and we have party nights with this music. At any time of the year we know the way for you to have a fun time. With our DJ's experience playing a large range of of music, they can play in any type of club in Europe. SO OUR TOP 10 IS MADE FROM ALL THIS MUSIC(OLD AND NEW)


Situated in the centre of town,Juke Box was originally an old coffee house which had remained closed for many years.In 1985 we opened Juke Box Night Club taking the name from an old juke box that was left in the coffee shop.From the time we opened until now we remain the most popular place to be in town.In Juke Box you can try one of the many tropical cocktails and enjoy the music from 80's to the latest hits.Our friendly staff make you feel like every night is a party night.....night....night....night..... JUKE BOX IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.4.every night

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Choose the best photo on the photo competition page.If you want to be in the competition send us a photo.Your photos must be from juke box.(from'85 until now)The best photo of the month wins a CD with greek music.The best photos will be used in the photo album of juke box to celebrate the 20th birthday of the club in summer 2005.
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